An overwhelming majority of the people tend to love their cats as a part of their family. And that’s not all, they also care & nurture their cats in the same way as they do for their kids. Well, the case is not different with me.

Meet me, I am Tracy!

I do not make biggest claims but I deem myself as a cat enthusiast as well and I take pride over the fact that for as much as more than 10 years, my cats have been a lovely part of my family. The love and cordiality for the cats have been in my blood since a very tender age and the beauty of cats always captivated me. In the same way, I can easily exclaim that the cats have always remained an integral part of my life. Whether it was regarding my professionalism where I was an animal controller for law enforcer or my endeavors against the animal cruelty, the cats remained intact through every stage. In addition to it, it was my privilege to nurture and brought up German Shepherds along with other dogs for many years.

So, VIP Top Cats is only launched after years of experience under my belt, where our motive is to offer the most unprecedented & top-notch assortment for the wellness of the cats. We ensure that rest of our product line is utterly efficient and can make a difference for all the cute cats out there. VIP Top Cats offers the widest variety of cat products, ranging from, toys, bags, abstracts, jewelry to apparels, brushes, watches, aromatherapy stuff and much more up for grabs at your own convenience super efficiently. At VIP Top Cats, we ensure that all of our products are constructed in accordance with safety & well-being standards and never pose a threat to the health & security perspectives.

VIP Top Cats has a staunch belief in the fact that consumers are an integral part of any business entity and thus the regard for our customers is always our utmost preference. For the same reason, we never intend to become a financial burden for our customers and make it certain that our services prevail a sheer sense of affordability. Moreover, our payment gateways & logistics mechanism are utterly safe & work in a foolproof fashion to render nothing else but ultimate confidence & trust.

Additionally, if you have a question, query or feedback, please do write us and we will reach you back as soon as possible!!

VIP Top Cats Shop is your shop for affordable and unique products for cat lovers! I am a highly motivated individual who passionately believe that high quality products doesn't need to cost a fortune. I specialize in offering you great bargains and excellent service, which is why I commit myself to giving you the best of both.

So if you’re looking to get something new, unique and affordable for your cats... then you’re in the right place. Meoooow!

I hope you enjoy my store and, find it useful.

Happy Shopping!