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Pixie Bob

Today we present you an impressive cat breed, authentic feline hunter look, and an incredible wild lynx look. Would you dare to live with such a wild beauty CAT? This hairy cat is dynamic and active, but neither does it become an earthquake. Do not wait for another second to meet this lynx cat and his characteristics. The cat Pixie American Bob!

The Pixie Bob Cat Is Ideal For Pixie-Bob is a very friendly and sociable race, strong because it hardly presents congenital or health problems, so taking care of a Pixie-Bob is relatively simple. It is not necessary to have experience with cats, so this is a cat perfectly suitable for newcomers. The American Bob Pixie can live happily with people who like to spend time with their cat, enjoy their company, play with him and devote much time and attention.

A Pixie-Bob is suitable for families with children and also for an adult who lives alone, for all the company and love they offer. The Pixie Bobs do not like to spend all day alone. If you can not spend a lot of time each day, you better have another cat or another pet besides your Pixie Bob, (even if it's a dog) so they can entertain themselves by playing with each other.

The Story Of The Cat Pixie-Bob

The story of the cat Pixie-Bob is very curious. It all started in 1986 in the Cascade Mountains, a mountainous area of Washington, United States, when Anne Brewer adopted a cat that she found in the vicinity of her house. The cat found was famished, but it was still very large and despite being all skin and bones weighed a lot, certainly much more than a common cat. In short, this stray cat did not seem to be a normal cat.

The conclusion they reached is that he was probably a mestizo son of an American bobcat, that is, a wild lynx and a domestic cat. Did this crossing really happen? Is it true that the Pixie Bob comes from the American lynx or is it just a legend? The reality is that this has not been proven with genetic DNA tests, but for some reason, the breeders do not doubt that it was like that and that Pixie-Bob is a lynx cat.

This presumed lynx cat had offspring with the cat of Anne Brewer's neighbor. This was a brown feral cat of those who spend all day in the field patrolling and hunting mice on their own. Anne remained a female from that litter, which she called Pixie. As Anne Brewer thought Pixie was beautiful, she had a wild look and good character; she used it as the founding female of a new lineage.

In the following years, she used more cats in her breeding program. Specifically more than 20 cats, all from the rural area near the Cascade Mountains. All the cats used had a wild look in common, and according to Mrs. Brewer, many were mestizos among cats and American lynxes.

More than ten years later, the feline association CFA recognized Pixie-Bob as an official breed in 1998, describing the new breed as obtained by crosses between phenotypically similar cats belonging to an indigenous community of cats that lived in a specific geographical area. - That is to say; they did not say anything of miscegenation with lynxes.

The Character Of The Cat Pixie-Bob

People who have a cat Pixie Bob says they have an unbeatable character. They describe them as very intelligent cats, very affectionate cat and above all the cat Pixie-Bob is very patient with children, compared with other breeds or types of cats.

Although he can spend a large part of the day alone, a Pixie Bob cat will need lots of pampering and all your attention when you get home from work. It can be said that Pixie-Bob is very interactive and an excellent companion cat.

Because of his patience with children and his loving temperament, it is said that this cat has the character of a dog (it is even said that it looks like the son of a dog and a cat). Patience is not the only thing they share with dogs since Pixie Bobs also like:

  • Follow you around the house
  • The cat Pixie Bob like to carry things in their mouths and play to bring the ball
  • Many Pixie Bobs know how to walk with harness, like dogs
  • Many of them already like water.

Curiosities about Pixie Bob:

In addition to its wild aspect, the cat Pixie-Bob has some curious features that make it even more peculiar:

For example, the Pixie-Bob has a short tail, about 7 centimeters (like the tail of the lynx). Another peculiarity is that many copies of Pixie Bob have fingers of more, what is known as polydactyly. You can read more about what polydactyly is in cats as you google it out there, where it came from and also see some photos.

Appearance Of Pixie Bob:

The cat Pixie-Bob is a beautiful cat. How much does Pixie Bob weigh? Although there are larger specimens, most are medium-sized, about 4 or 5 kilos. Their fur ranges from brownish to reddish with ocher touches; they always appear with stripes on the head and motes or moles on the back, reminiscent of lynxes and other wild cats.

They are two types of the mantle on the Bob Pixie, those with short hair (which are the majority) and those with long hair. The cat Pixie Bob also presents its wide and short tail, between 5 and 10 centimeters.

Lastly, these cats have a lynx face, and the cat Pixie Bob ears are located on the top of the head and quite separated from each other, as in wild cats. Sometimes they have a small pen of hair on the tips of their ears like lynxes, but this feature does not occur in all specimens. It is sought that his look has a touch of the wildcat.


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