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What Do You Know About Ragdoll Cats?

 A ragdoll cat is a specific breed of cat, which is often considered the royalty of cat breeds. Most notable is their large size, setting them aside from other breeds that may seem similar; their large muscular structure, though belies a gentle and people loving nature.


Origin of the Ragdoll Cat

The breed was сrеаtеd in the 1960ѕ when a Persian cat gave birth to a litter of exceptionally gentle and calm kittens, unlike anything seen before. This led to further breeding and the result was the ragdoll cat that we know and love today.

Many owners are attracted by their soft silk semi-longed haired coat and unique colors, along with their relaxed attitude and the strange tendency they have to 'flop' when held, giving them their name 'rag doll'.


A ragdoll cat is a cat for people who love the personality of cats but want the affection and loyalty of a dog, the rag doll is not independent and often shadows their owner, preferring to spend as much time as possible with them, instead of hanging around. In fact, due to the confident and relaxed nature of the ragdoll, it is not advisable that they are anything other than an indoor cat.


Despite thеir lаrgе ѕizе, ragdolls tend to shed less than most other breeds of cats, so actually require less grooming, perhaps only two or three times a week, often even less, though, due to their size, they will need more food than a normal cat and a larger little tray.


Ragdoll cats long for company, and will live happily with any selection of other pets and children, young and old alike, provided they receive the attention they need to be happy and treated with the kindness and respect they deserve.


Thеir kind nature саrriеѕ оvеr to their play, whilst many cats might employ accidental scratching; Ragdoll cats are generally very friendly and keep their claws to themselves, which makes them excellent cats to be around young children. Although, it is advised that any pet should never be left completely alone around babies.

Ragdoll Training

The Ragdolls show an affectionate intelligence, which makes it easy to train them. However, it is important to continue the training in the right way, keep in mind the love for the affection and attention of the ragdoll and use it to create easy and fun training routines that your ragdoll can follow.


A ragdoll will not respond well to negative behavior and punishment, and because they are so docile, they will seldom defend themselves if provoked, so taking advantage of this confidence is never ideal. Many ragdoll owners prefer to train their cats as a way to ensure their safety when they are away from home; with ragdolls leash training is easy when combined with the desired affection and gentle persuasion.


Generally, they are not disobedient cats by nature, and would prefer to curl up on your lap rather than tear your house apart.


A ragdoll cat will be your constant companion and friend, offering you company, and spirited fun, what they lack in excitement they make up for and more with their lovable and family friendly nature.


While you may not find them climbing the curtains or participating in other funny pranks, they will offer you years of unconditional love and complete confidence. If you want a family pet and a friendly companion, then the splendid ragdoll cat is for you.


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