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From the record, there are about 41 different cat breeds as stated by Cat Fanciers Association. Each of these cat breeds behaves differently with a whole lot of varying sizes, activity level, and yet, each of these cat breeds can be wonderful pets at different homes. This article focuses on the ten most popular cat breeds, and shall be discussed briefly.



  1. Maine Coon Cat
  2. Siamese Cat
  3. Abyssinian Cat
  4. Ragdoll Cat
  5. Sphynx Cat
  6. American Shorthair Cat
  7. Birman Cat
  8. Oriental Cat
  9. Persian Cat
  10. Exotic Shorthair Cat



Maine Coon Cat

1. The Maine Coon

It is an extra large cat breed. It has a moderate body type that is different from other breeds, and has a long coat. This also requires a moderate grooming too. It is relatively easy to groom and a very quiet type of cat breed. It also has an average activity level compared to other kinds of cat breeds.



Siamese Cat

2. The Siamese

This is a medium-sized type of cat breed. It has a short coat and a svelte body. Therefore, these breed requires a small amount of pet grooming. You have to be very careful when handling this type of breed as they are very vocal and super tricky cat breed.5.



Abyssinian Cat

3. The Abyssinian

These are popularly known small cat breeds. They usually have slender body and short coat. The pet grooming required for this type of breed is relatively below average and has a high activity level. Although they are quiet cat breed, yet, they are relatively difficult breeds to handle.



Ragdoll Cat

4. The Ragdoll

These are cat breeds with a moderate body and a very long coat. They are usually large cat breed and require a pet grooming that is relatively above average. They are usually quiet and easy breed to handle with a fairly low activity level.



Sphynx Cat

5. The Sphynx

This is a medium-sized cat breed having a short coat with a moderate body. It is also a type of cat breed that requires an average level of cat grooming. It has a relatively high activity level compared to other types of cat breeds. They are easy but very vocal.



American Shorthair Cat

6. The American Shorthair

This has a semi-cobby body and a short coat; American Shorthairs are very large cat breeds. It requires pet grooming that is below average. It has a relatively low activity level compared to other breeds, and at the same time, relatively quiet and average cat to handle.



Birman Cat

7. The Birman

When talking about large cat breed, then Birman is a perfect match with its moderate body and a very long coat. This type of cat breed requires an average level of grooming. It is known for its extremely low activity level, but very quiet, and easy to handle.



Oriental Cat

8. The Oriental

The last on the list is the Oriental cat breed which is known for its small size, svelte body, and medium coat with an average level of pet grooming. It has an extremely high activity level relative to other cat breed. Handling this type of cat breed is extremely difficult, and known as vocal cat breeds.



Persian Cat

9. The Persian

These are popularly known large cats breed that has a svelte body with a very long coat. This type of cat breed requires a whole lot of pet grooming although it has a low activity level compared to other breeds. In general, they are quiet and relatively easy to handle.



Exotic Shorthair Cat

10. The Exotic Shorthair

These are large cat breed having a short coat, and a cobby body. It requires enough grooming too. It also has a low activity level compared to other types of cat breeds. The exotic shorthair is also known to be relatively easy to handle, and equally quiet.



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