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 New Cat

It is exciting to add a new family member in the name of a cat to your home. Like every treasured companion and friend, you want the best and most comfortable life for him. Then, it is time to think of supplies needed for a new cat. Remember that this is a new relationship you are beginning. It must be cozy and well facilitated for it to last. You also need physical, emotional and mental preparation to handle the feline. Supplying the cat with its necessities is one of the most important engagements. Here is a checklist for new cat owners.

Cat Food

Kittens require specially formulated foods to handle their development stage. This is the only way to guarantee good health and a vibrant companionship. These felines have both dietary and nutritional needs that can only be met through a special diet. These specially prepared foods support proper bone and muscle development. It is also important for brain development as well as ensuring that their immune system is strong and functional.

Buy cat foods from a reliable supplier and also ensure that the brand is known for quality food. Good food is important to maintain the required calorie count. Further ensure that it is enough and well balanced. Water will be provided from the house since there are no special requirements for that.

Cat Treat

Cat treats will save you during a variety of situations. They are useful to distract a child during the visit to the vet for an injection or normal checkup. The treats will also help to calm the feline as you prepare to trim the nails. You will also need them as rewards in order to teach your pet basic skills like sitting, or where to stay in the house. The pieces of treats should be a small as possible. They should also not exceed 10% of the diet. They must be accounted for when measuring food ration for you cat. Kittens are very likely to be overfed. This calls for caution even when using treats.

Feeding Bowls

Among the most important and easily forgotten supplies needed when buying a new cat are feeding and watering bowls. Choose bowls that are professionally designed for cats. These bowls are wide enough in order to accommodate whiskers. The bowls are made of a variety of materials including stainless steel, ceramic and glass. Plastic bowls are discouraged because they easily harbor bacteria and may cause chin acne. Choose bowls that are easy to clean and with a bottom that prevents them from skidding.

Cats are poor drinkers of water but must be provided with a watering point. The water point should be away from where cats take their meals. A water fountain may also be a good idea because cats love to be playful as they take their water. The fountains therefore encourage the feline to drink water. Lack of water in the body may cause health problems especially of a urinary nature. Chronic dehydration is dangerous for cats.

Cat Beds

Cats love a bed that is comfortable and feels secure. Cats also love to have an exclusive sleeping area. Beyond the bed being pillow like, you may need to consider an elevated bed that makes your cat to feel secure. You may also want to integrate the bed with cat trees to accommodate the natural desire of cats to sleep vertically even in the wild. Fur is a constant expectation wherever cats sleep. To keep it clean, use a mat or throw that is washable. Older cats may love a sleeping area that is heated or easy to warm. New technology has availed self heating sleeping mats for cats. Kittens love beds or sleeping areas that resemble caves. This is also an option when dealing with a shy cat.

Scratching Equipment

Felines have nails and are born to scratch. There is no way you can take this away from them. They have a natural desire to mark territories by scratching. If they are not provided with the right scratching surfaces, they will damage furniture and poles around the house. Scratching surfaces are inexpensive and will protect your high quality furniture from damage. Cats love to climb and will therefore appreciate trees. Consider a vertical as well as a horizontal scratcher. High quality scratching surfaces will last long as well as protect your house from debris.

Kitten Toys

There are a variety of toys to keep your kitten happy and active. This will also ensure that they are interested in other activities around the house. Toys can also be used in training several important traits for cats. Choose toys with feathers, fur or something that can move. The idea is to elicit hunting instincts as well as build a world of fantasy around the cat. Toys also prevent boredom which is in many instances will lead to obesity. Consider laser toys that invite the cat to chase spots until total exhaustion. Read reviews or seek recommendations from friends and neighbors to get the best toys for your pet cat.

Grooming Tools

Cats love grooming and will always take time off the day to look pretty. Grooming the cat also gives you an opportunity to bond with your pet. Grooming plays the crucial health role of stimulating the skin. Further, it is an opportunity to remove dander and loose hair from the skin. Consider the length of the fur on your cat. A comb or stainless steel brush will suffice for cats with long hairs. Rubber massager, slicker brush or furminator works perfectly for pets with short hair. Buy nail trimmers to keep their nails short and always have a styptic powder for moments when you nick a quick. Grooming wipes will keep your kitten fresh with a flea comb helping you to find and remove the fleas. Keep your cats smelling and feeling healthy without bathing them.

There are many other provisions you need to consider when buying supplies for a new cat, some of which are based on your personal idea of comfort. Have a first aid kit as well as a comfortable carrier for the trips you will need to make to the vet. A collar or tag will also help when your feline gets lost. Supplying what your cat needs is a journey that takes a lifetime. This is an invitation to constantly evaluate what your cat needs and make arrangements to provide.


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