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american shorthair cat 

 The American shorthair cat is in feline popularity among the top ten of the breeds according to the Cat Fanciers Association of American. It is totally understandable because they are beautiful animals. More athletic, larger and leaner than most cats, they have wonderfully soft and touchable fur in eye-catching patterns. Descended from the British short-haired cat and brought to the New World in the ship of the pioneers and settlers, they got the name American shorthaired cat in 1966 without even obtaining a green card. They are the most welcome of immigrant workers who come to the United States and they do not agitate for the vote or drain social security system. For American shorthair cats are republican through and through, independent, self-reliant survivors that are evolving in a symbolic relationship with their American human pets.

American Shorthair cats are an extremely healthy breed that requires little or no maintenance. They get what they need by being attractive, easy going and affectionate. The shorthaired male cat is considerably larger than the female, coming in at ten to fifteen pounds when mature. Mature female weigh only eight to twelve pounds when they reach adulthood at three years of age. American shorthair cats can live from fifteen to twenty years, like most cats, and often only need annual increases in vaccines, veterinary check-ups, a quality diet, and it goes without saying plenty of TLC. These cats have long tails and incredibly lithe slender bodies. 

 The American shorthair cat is not defined by color or a distinct pattern, as they come in over eighty different colors and patterns. These range from the rich tabby brown patch to the sleek blue eyes white version. The breed also has wonderfully shaded silvers, smokes and cameos to the flashy calico van. Probably the most recognized American short hair color is the silver tabby, with its dense black markings on a sterling silver background. It is the specimen that gets to eat all the good meaty food on the commercials and gets all the girls in the movies.

The American shorthair cat is an excellent example of present day evolution since they came to the United States as working cats. They were needed on board ship to control the vermin population. Then, their hunting instincts remain acute to this day. This despite being provided for by humans with food, shelter and tick collars. They are not owned by people, but remain the ability to fend for themselves no matter what happens. American Shorthair cats are, beautiful to look at, unquestioning loving companion for humans and independent sentient creatures in their own right.


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