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When considering the large breeds of domestic cats, there are several major groups to include, such as the Siberian, the Marine Coon, the Ragamuffin, the Ocicat, the Turkish Vans and the Pixie-Bobs. This list is by no means totally complete, but it is a good description of different important breeds.


Siberian Cat

Siberian Cat


The Siberian cats, the kings of the northern Russian wilderness are big cats, weigh about fifteen to twenty pounds, they have large eyes and look quite snake-like in appearance, their double thick coat was a necessity during their days in the solitary wooded desert of Siberia and protects them from the cold of this day. Click On Image For More Information!


Maine Coon 

The Maine Coon Cat


The Maine Coon cat is probably the largest cat breeds around, with one of its breed getting into the Guinness Book for being the longest cat in the world. These cats can get incredibly large, bigger than most small dogs. As, you have already assumed that this breed is the state cat in the great state of Maine, you were right, nice work. For more detailed information on the Maine Coon Cat breed. Click On Image For More Information!




Ragamuffin Cat


The Ragamuffin is a large cat, not the biggest, but bigger than most, generally weighing between 10 and 15 pounds, they are very sweet and friendly in nature and have a long haired coat. The only drawback, if there is one for this breed, is that they tend to be very expensive to buy. It would not be weird to buy one of these cats for $1,000 U.S





The Ocicat is very similar to the wild Ocelot, from which it derives its name; these super-cool cats have the spirit of a dog in many ways: they are not whimsical, they love attention and they like to be close to people. This makes them a very popular breed, in fact, they can be trained to sit and speak like a dog, without cheating. It’s pretty amazing to watch that.


Turkish Vans

Turkish Van Cat


Turkish Vans are a long-haired cat that will shed on you and your couch, which many people aren’t in love with, their coats are also water resistant, but even though it is a long-haired breed, they are much more hypoallergenic than the majority breeds making them a good option for allergy sufferers.  Click On Image For More Information!



Pixie-bob Cat


Imagine a Bobcat, now make them smaller in your mind, this is what a Pixie-Bob look like, a miniature Bobcat, a fierce predator of the wild only smaller. This domesticated cat grows big, with an average of 18 pounds and, often grows even larger than that, of note is the fact that these cats have six to seven toes on each foot. Cool or creepy? You are the judge. 

There you have it, an overview of large breeds of domestic cats, all tied with ribbon. Which is the best? Again, only you can judge that. 

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