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long haired cat grooming


Cat grooming is necessary for cat’s health. Matted fur can cause serious irritation, infection, extensive pain and anxiety. Cats look beautiful in long hairs but they need a little help from its owner. They need to be groomed. Many cats spend their life in grooming. They can prevent their hair from being matted.

In long haired cats matted hair are common but matted hair can be present in short haired cats. Cats have the coating of hairs on them. There is a layer of hair which protects the cats from the elements. T is also called the coat of guard hair and cats have also a soft undercoat that keeps them warm but when cats shed their fur the undercoat of hair come away from the skin. It can tangle with the guard hairs. This tangle can be worse while grooming. Many of small particles of dust and cat litter can be picked up by the cat coats. When the cat groom and spread their hair around it they can form a knot and create a mess.  Cats mats can be formed anywhere on cat’s coat but there are some common places where cat’s mats formed like:

  • At the top of the back legs
  • Under the Arms
  • Behind the Ears
  • Around the collar

The key to good cat hair care is prevention. Try to brush long haired cat daily and short haired cat once a week. If you feel any kind of problem while brushing your cat fur then you have to try grooming tools for cats matted fur. There is a long list of grooming tools for the cats matted fur.


These are the tools

  • 1 - Furminator
  • 2 - Earth bath all-natural cat wipes
  • 3 - Mat Removing comb
  • 4 - Smartykat Brush
  • 5 - Cat grooming arch
  • 6 - Waterless bath
  • 7 - Massage gloves


that are used for grooming. The furminator reaches to the undercoat of cat and gently remove the loose hairs. Earth bath cat wipes are anti allergic and fragrance free. It can wipe out dirt and dander. Mat removing comb can easily remove mats from cat’s fur where cats can’t reach out easily but this tool can remove mats from that place too. The smartykat brush is the best tool for cat grooming matted fur. You just need to place this at any point and cat will simply rub her on that and can remove loose fur while she takes the massage.

These are the tools for cat grooming matted fur. Cats need to be in dust free areas like a patio. Daily grooming prevents cats from matted hair. Cats love to be groomed. They look more beautiful in long hairs. If you have one of that kind then you need these tools or you need to take good care of your cat. For matted fur you need to use the electrical clipper or other tools to trim their mats which are close to the skin. These tools are important for the grooming of cats.

Pet Grooming Glove For Cats




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