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Siamese kittens adoption


Siamese cats are one of the most beloved breeds among cat lovers, and it is understandable. There are many reasons to love a Siamese cat from his blue eyes peering through the dark patch on their face to their high level of intelligence and energy. From their history to their personality, Siamese cats are a unique breed.

Basic Information about the Breed

Female Siamese cats generally end up weighing between six and ten pounds with a height of twenty-one inches, while males usually weigh between nine and fourteen pounds and grow to a height of twenty-three inches. Its characteristic appearance includes a wedge-shaped head with deep blue eyes, an elegant body and large pointed ears. Their coat is also a distinctive feature with a cream-colored torso and dark areas on the face, ear and feet. This is caused by a mutated enzyme in the pigment. There are four official colors of the Siamese cats breed recognized by the Cat Fancier’s Association. These colors include seal, chocolate, blue and lilac. Blue and lilac are simply diluted versions of the seal and chocolate colors.

Personality and Temperament of Siamese Cat
Although they are very social cats, they are not necessarily the best option for a home with children. In general they are very dedicated and loyal to their owners and love to talk. Many cat owners say that their Siamese will always tell them what they think and they are not ashamed to make their demands known.

Always playful and affectionate, the Siamese breed does not entail the normal distant feline attitude. They are known as the eternal kitten; the cat that never grow up. They show a more social personality than other breeds, even in the presence of other domestic animals.
They are a pleasure and even more fun to watch while playing with each other or with the other resident of cats and dogs with whom they live. Their high level of intelligence is one of their distinguishing characteristics. Many Siamese cat owners report that their cats can be trained to perform tricks and learn their names very quickly.

Common Medical Problems

Unfortunately, as with all breeds of cats and dogs, the Siamese cat also has certain medical conditions for which it is genetically predisposed. Many people know about the cross-eyed and kink-tail abnormalities inherent in the Siamese breed, but these problems have been completely eliminated through careful nurturing. However, there are two problems that are still present in the genetic code of this breed. These two problems are gingivitis and a disease that destroys the liver called amyloidosis

Siamese Cats Rescue

After hearing about all the wonderful characteristics inherent in the Siamese cat breed, chance are you are likely to wonder where you can get your own. There are rescue coalitions that specialize in the rescue, care and

Siamese cat adoption

Siamese cat adoption through these organizations will entail a charge of between $100 and $175 to partially cover the large number of veterinary service and tests that this adoption centers requires for each feline that moves through their facilities.

The Siamese is by far one of the most intelligent and fun-loving cat breeds. No wonder they are the favorite among cat lovers.

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