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Cats just want to have fun, laze around, eat and be treated like royalty. They have a personality of their own, and they will treat you how you treat them. They will reciprocate your love and be aggressive towards you if you are with them. They love to be fondled but not constantly. They need to have their own little space that guarantees their safety. There’s no stopping a cat meows when she or he is hungry. Therefore, they need to be fed soft bites, but not all the time to ensure that they don’t get overweight. They will sleep all day if you allow them, but they reward you by being loving if you engage them. You can also do the following five things that will keep them safe, happy and healthy.


Cats Love Catnip

Catnip is a leafy perennial herb with stems and heart-shaped leaves. No wonder cats “heart” it. Get it? The plant is native to Africa, Asia, Europe, including North America and contains the chemical nepetalactone that is known to trigger a sense of euphoria in the brains of about 50-75% of cats when sniffed and when ingested it produces a sedative effect on them. The euphoria or sedation may last about 15 minutes. However, did you know that not all cats react to catnip and the sensitivity to the chemical compound in it is inherited?

The only way to know if the herb is effective is if you notice that your feline is hyperactive than it normally is and it will also roll around, flip over, you know, as you would when under the influence of something other than water. The good news is, even if your cat isn’t affected, you can also use the herb as calming or sedative tea that will help alleviate headaches or nausea. If you are not a plant lover, you can also consider buying catnip essential oil and spray it on your cat’s toys – all for the sake of your cats’ happiness.

However, something to be watchful about when using essential oils around cats is that when used wrongly, it can lead to its demise. Cats lack a vital detoxification mechanism call glucuronidation, what this means that they are unable to get rid of the build-up of toxins in their bodies, which consequently leads to toxic shock and liver failure.

Therefore, you should never put essential oils on a cat’s body or leave it in a room where an essential oil such as tea tree oil is diffusing because it is not safe. Hold a catnip essential with you to gauge how your feline friend reacts to it. Signs such as sniffing the bottle or quick tongue licks or rolling around are good indicators that your cat will respond well to a few sprays of the essential oil on its toys, once in a while.


Plant Wheatgrass

Cats have an affinity for grass, which is why growing wheatgrass is advisable when you are looking to make your home cat-friendly. Aside from also being good for your health too, wheatgrass helps stimulate your cat’s digestion and helps them regurgitate when they’ve eaten something bad. Wheatgrass is also a good source of fiber, vitamin A, E and calcium for your cat, it also contains folic acid and chlorophyll that stimulate blood flow.


Have A Cat Scratch Post

Cats have a natural desire to scratch, and they do it for many reasons aside from helping you redecorate. Without a designated place where they can scratch, they will do it on your sofa, carpet, bed, your dresser, name it, provided it’s something, they can dig their little claws on. The main reason for scratching is to eliminate dead layers on their claws, they also do it to stretch or mark their territory. Having said that, if you don’t have enough leg space on your furniture where you can wrap sisal around, it’s important to purchase or build a sturdy scratching pole. The material you use on the pole matters, because if you use carpet as a scratch material, then they will think it’s ok to scratch on your carpet.

Your pole must be tall and sturdy because if it’s wobbly, your cat won’t use it and it also might be unsafe. Sisal rope feels great to cats, and they enjoy the satisfying feeling of shredding the material. A heavy-duty sisal rope will serve your cat's needs as well as that for stretching, and it will last you longer before you need to replace it. Remember, you ideally want to place the scratch pole in a prominent place such as next to a window where they can enjoy the sun, watch birds or sleep.

If your cat is used to scratching the sofa, place the pole right next to it because this is already his or her favorite place and moving it elsewhere means you need to teach it new tricks and we all know what happens then. You also need to have at least one scratch pole in locations where your cat spends a considerable amount of time. This may seem like an odd thing to do, but placing a scratch pole right next to the things that are valuable to you, your cat is bound to choose the pole first instead of the valuable item. This will also stop it from going to town on your valuables if that’s what he or she is used to.


Create Perching Places

We all know that cats love to climb, lounge, and have interesting things that engage their curiosity. One way to achieve this is by having a scratching post that doubles as a lounge area at the top where your feline friend can do her stretches and scratches then climb on top to view his or her empire from a focal point. Having a cat tree is also a good idea if you have ample space around your home to place it. Cats are not limited to the horizontal life as humans do and having a cat tree isn’t just about luxury, but it’s a necessity for a cat’s life because they make use of both horizontal and vertical aspects of their surrounding environment.

Unless you have a timid cat, you will notice that they tend to take higher status and claim the highest perch. You can clear the top part of your bookshelf to make space for your cat to walk through or have a cat tree that has a few padded dens to chill in, various climbing levels and a toy to play with. A versatile and stylish cat tree will also provide a safe place for a timid cat who loves hanging more than staying out in the open.

Having multiple vertical territories also provides the opportunity for more than one cat to share a close space together, but not right next to each other, well, for pecking order purposes. Cats love to stretch the minute they wake up from their naps and having a cat tree with a scratchable surface upon waking up will ensure that they don’t go for your couch or any other surface around the home.


Make A Toy For Your Cat

You have provided your cat with everything from a cat tree, scratch pole, to window perches or platforms, now you need to provide it with a full and active life. In comes a personalized toy. Yes, there are millions of cat toys that come in all shapes and sizes on the market today. From fishing poles to electronic ones, even puzzle toys. But making your cat a homemade toy is not only inexpensive, but it will be gratifying to see them enjoying and playing with something you made for them out of love. If you are going to make a toy using household objects, it’s important to ensure that the spaces are large enough for your cat to fit its paw or whole body. If you have watched a cat struggling to get out of a small space, then you know it can be frustrating if not claustrophobic-feeling.

Cats are nimble creatures, but they won’t enjoy playing with a toy that frustrates them or one they keep getting stuck in. You wouldn’t either. You can make a toy from a carton, pizza box, toilet paper tubes or take a few beans and place them in a bottle for the cat to swat it around. You can also make a mouse using an old computer mouse or make a toy using pipe cleaners, catnip cat yarns, feathers, the list is endless. Watch what your cat loves to do and make a toy for that purpose.

In conclusion, if you love your cat the way most cat lovers do, having the above things in your home will ensure that they feel safe and what you get in return is a world of fluffy goodness and enough videos of your adorable feline companion to share with your mates.


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